Who has the best web conferencing service???

I am looking for the best value in web conferencing services for a small design/engineering firm. Does any one have experience with Webex, Macromedia Breeze, or Microsoft Live Meeting? Are there any others that are worth looking into? Tahnks in advance for your help.

PTC uses LiveMeeting for their web based seminars and PTC university courses. This is the only experiance I have with these outside providers. My company has our own internet conferencing service built into our web portal. It works very similar to the LiveMeeting were one window shows the video of the meeting and another can show the CAD models on the screen as we or the client manipulates them. Ask your web provider or IT department.

I have used WebEx trial version and no doubt, it is quality web conferencing software. Other options are gotomeeting, gomeetnow etc. You may even deploy on premise RHUB web conferencing appliances in order to conduct webinars, web conferences, online meetings etc. It is only one time cost and no hassles of paying on monthly basis.

Some of our clients use webex, and when they set the meeting we constantly have issues, many performance based when CAD data is being shared or video.

We use gotomeeting and have had pretty good success but sometimes (rarely) we have dial up issues related to our digital lines.

I had nothing but good experiences with Gotomeeting overall. We switched to a Microsoft solution and it comparatively sucks. Gotomeeting also has the best collaboration (drawing) tools IMO - which makes it great for design meetings - especially if you have a tablet or Cintiq.

We use WebEx, it’s really easy to use and we haven’t had any connection problems that I’ve seen. We show huge Pro-E models with no problem. A lot of it might depend on your/your client’s internet connection. Never tried it trying to draw stuff on the screen with a cintiq or something along those lines though.

It’s nice because if we’ve got other stuff to be doing we can wander back to our cubes and call back in and still participate.