who has super pc?

Let me be honest. I had the Chief Technology Officer at my company spec this computer. We do run a lot of graphics intensive programs. I’ll let you guys know how it goes, if it ever gets here.

P4 2.4
ATI Radeon 9500 Pro 128MB
1GB of DDR RAM… just because.

The Alienware computer arrived! :slight_smile:
I am currently transferring files and will be installing software. If nothing else, it sure looks sweet.

More on it’s performance soon.

Tom’s Hardware had a good article about demand outstripping supply. and how alot of hardware isn’t shipped or even really manufactured - just enough to get hardware reviews and play the PR game. think Alienware is quoted on waiting for parts. thought of you.

Have worked with the Alienware computer for 2 weeks now. It is fast, fast, fast. I have found nothing bad yet.


Barton 2500
1 GB PC3200
Samsung 997DF
BenQ FP737s

Not so fast on render but heaven for modelling. Considering an upgrade to 3200+ when curve hits the corner.


-22" NEC FE-1250
-Lian-Li aluminum case w/3 fans and 5 hard drive slots. (nice option)
-300W power supply
-two 80G mirrored hard drives. (upgrade solution after losing last drive)
-3DLabs Oxygen card. (2nd one, first one fried but free replacement.)
-1024M DDR ram.
-Asus A7V333 (1.9 Ghz)
-Audigy sound card.

Overall, pretty fast. Decent on Solidworks with multiple windows even after having it run everyday for over 2 years.
Custom built by local shop in order to get the warranty package but I sourced most of the extras off of www.pricewatch.com which saved me over $1000 retail-wise.

if you make a super pc make sure you have atleast 480-500 watts real power. the peak should be around 80-100watts higher.

and if you’re using an athlon 64 use a raid0 set up.

main machine is a dell
dual 2.8ghz xeons
2Gb Ram
wildcat2 5110 graphics card (dual monitors)

also have an area-51m
3ghz p4
1gb ram
ati 9600 graphics card

The dual xeon machine does most of the grunt work but the area 51M holds it own for the most part (limited on the number of windows open at any one time). Wish I had faster hard drives though. Makes a difference for opening and saving.