Who guys know good schools in America

I’m going to apply for graduate school in USA on industrial design. Someone suggested me IIT and Art Center. Besides them, is there any other schools? As this two, what are they specially good for?


Together, faculty and students at ID approach design problems from many perspectives, employing analytic and synthetic design methods to identify current and future needs and to humanize the technology needed to solve those problems. Through our research initiatives, ID is constantly developing new methodologies for user-centered, strategic design


Art center:

The graduate program in industrial design encourages students with a background in product or environmental design to expand their knowledge and expertise in an environment that encourages experimentation, innovation, and multidisciplinary research.
Degrees Offered:
M.S. - Environmental Design;
M.S. - Product Design;
M.S. - Transportation Design

faculty: http://www.artcenter.edu/people/faculty/fac-grad.html

search for others:


Thank you for your information. By the way, laureng, your location is Chicago, where just IIT sets. So are you familiar with the college? Could you give me more details of ID there that I can’t find in its websites. Thank you.

Thank you for your information. By the way, laureng, your location is Chicago, where just IIT sets. So are you familiar with the college? Could you give me more details of ID there that I can’t find in its websites. Thank you.

Could you give me more details of ID there that I can’t find in its websites

The Institute of Design IS IIT. The first 2 websites I posted above are links to The Institute of Design (IIT.)

think even_indesign asking for additional info not given on sites. like is neighborhood safe? most schools fudge stuff like that.

hmm…as i understand, the graduate programs are conducted at the downtown facilities…it is on Kinzie Ave, near the Merchandise Mart…and the EL (subway)…its a fairly busy area, so safety’s not an issue…

not familiar so i will let others to comment on the program…

ykh is correct, The Institute of Design is located downtown not far from the Merchandise Mart. This is not a problem area of Chicago.

The main campus is in a tough neighborhood but you shouldn’t have too many problems the few times you need to go there during the day. I do hear its improving but I’m not sure how much.

I really can’t give you much feedback on the program although my husband did get his MS in ID from there a while ago… They don’t offer that degree in ID anymore. I’m sure the program is very different now.


click through these. http://www.core77.com/design.edu/naschools.asp

There are way more than those three schools mentioned that offer MIDs. Uof Arts, Rhode Is., SCAD, Pratt, NCST, Illinois, GT, Auburn, Arizona St, Ohio St., UCLA, Stanford, etc, etc.

BTW those three schools mentioned previously couldn’t be more different. You need to express what you want to pursue further education for and why. where in the US would you like to be, do you require tuition assistance.

When I was in school, I was major in environmental design and just had limited course on product design. After I graduated from university, I now work in a motor manufactory and responsible for processing. Actrally the work has little relationship to my major. Working for almost two years, I find that I’m still like to pursuit in product design. So I decide to go abroad and try to learn more about what industrial design is. Further more I know that I am not a genius and sometimes have little inspiration, but I think before designing the outline of product the design of what aim consumer and market may be more important. Since I remember a successful designer’s words that product design is the design of life. One of my tutor told me that IIT was good at market research and prophase of form designing. So what do you think of that? Is that true? 27, if you were me, which way would you pursue? And which school is more suitable for me?

go to artcenter
but be prepared to never sleep…

horseshoe@accd, why do you suggest me Art Center? It is said that the students there are all talented. By the way I need to apply for TA, does Art Center give such kind of finacial aid to international students? How about the qualification? I’ve looked through the homepage of the school and it seems that the qualification is stricted.


If you are looking to get an internship be sure you’re English (speaking) is very good. From these posts I can see your written English is fair although your spoken English may be better.

If you can’t communicate well in English you will never been granted a TA position. I’m not making these comment about your in English to insult you, just to warn you there could be a problem.

art center is a high quality place. very talented pool of students and faculty. HUGE work load and good industry contacts. international students can get scholarship. not sure about TA.

Thank you for your comment. I know that I need to practice my English or I may have some trouble in communication.