Who do you report to?

Where do you work / who do you report to?

  • Marketing
  • R&D
  • Engineering
  • Design
  • CEO

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Just want to see how people work out there in the corporate world. Where do you work / who do you report to?

Feel free to suggest other categories for my poll.

My interal stake holders are marketing but I also have a significant responsibility to the engineering group. However, my focus is all in the conceptual phase and that’s how I report into the R&D group. Overall, the R&D group feeds into the integrated supply chain of the company.

I’ve always reported to design… when I was corporate, the VP was of deign and was a designer, who reported to the CEO, or a president of product who typically was a well rounded person with experience in R&D, business, marketing, and sometimes engineering… for those of us in design firms, most likely the answer will be design as well. I now report to an executive creative director who reports to the Chief Creative Officer… so I would add Design as a 4th possibility.

When I was corporate (in two different positions), I reported directly to Management - the CEO. You should also add Management to the list.


I currently report to 2 VP’s… VP of Engineering and the VP of Sales. In past lives I have reported directly to the VP of engineering.

Chevis W.

I have reported into both Marketing and R&D. I currently report to our Strategic Design Director which reports into or a VP in Marketing. Our design management team including both ID and GD resides in Marketing which when we first created this reporting structure I was a bit nervous, but now I have to say that I have great view of the business. I have also been able to create many great relationships. I have kept my relationships with R&D as I reported into them for 4 years. This has taken the “Marketing” feel out of the reporting structure. Hopefully at some point we will have Design as a function with a VP.

I report direct to the General Manager (CEO) who owns the company.

In one of my internships, marketing. In the other, engineering.

As others suggested CEO - Owner level.
You seem to assume, that most of us are more or less in the same situation
themselves. I’D guess that’ not true. So the question should be:

Whom does the Head of Design or Designer in your company report to.

In my case it would be : CEO

But I do also report to our head of sales, which is due to myself wearing two
hats at the moment.


In my first corporate job, our group reported to marketing via the VP Brand Experience & Strategic Design - this was more or less Marketing and it gave us more clout when we needed to push against engineering groups.

In aerospace design positions, our groups have reported to the director of human factors who understood the importance of design and supported us. Consultancies experiences have been mainly had design leadership at the top of the companies. In startups, the leadership was harder to categorize… usually the people you report to are doing a combination of marketing, sales, finance, & engineering

I’ve never had a great deal of clarity in any of my jobs about where design reported.

First job, we were in three member project teams: design, engineering, marketing. Marketing drove the whole operation.

Second job, design and production was basically the same thing. Reported directly to the president.

Third job, in R&D, but I report directly to the president.

Sorry about erasing all the results. I thought I could add options without effecting the results…opps!

report to the VP of R&D, who reports to CTO, who reports to COO, who reports to CEO… lots of chiefs here…


Trick question, I report to an Engineer who reports to a Marketer.

I’m surprised so far. I thought design was closer to marketing than engineering. I guess there isn’t a standard arangement…

For me as a Design Manager I report to the Creative Director who reports to the President. However, Product Marketing, Marketing Communications, and Lead Generation all also report to the Creative Director.

Our situation with Engineering is ridiculous.