who do you really work for and what have you really designed

why are there no registered users here that reveal who they work for ? most registered users do not even have a link to their portfolios (except for yo and mcow, nice work btw)

is is so incriminating or dangerous that people do not want to reveal a bit more of their backgrounds i.e. portfolio, current employer…? would exposing this kind of information be too dangerous in such a close knit community ? i mean, if you would display this information, it could really help separate the men from the boys around here since there are so many wannabes and ‘ghosts’ here…

I guess it’s because when you expose where you work at, everything you say may be taken to be the view of the company you work for even though you may be speaking from a personal point of view. I have nothing to lose, the reason is obvious.

Another reason is their supervisors may find out who’s slacking…

I work for myself right now and I’m redesigning my website. As soon as its done I’ll be happy to show people.

MC has a very valid point regarding views/company. People have a tendency to make generalizations based on what my be the opinion of only one person. I could see ever message having a disclaimer attached. (I know ML340 would need one.)

Perhaps it is the fact that anonymity gives freedom to express ones views without judgement of ones position.

Also, I imagine that those that have revealed their places of employment receive a never ending stream of requests for help in getting a foot a in the door (peaking round the time new graduates enter the market).

Why is it necessary to know?

Good points.

There are upsides and downsides to people knowing who you are. There are also upsides and downsides to being anonamous. Anonymoity gives some people the web equivalent of beer courage. Some people express views they don’t really believe because they have no accountability.

Of course the flip side to being known is you have that accountability (luckily I spout the same garbage at work so it’s no shocker to any of my co-workers that peak on here.) Getting bombarded with requests from students is an issue, but I don’t really mind it most of the time, and I’ve met many talented designers through here. Its cool to be able to give some one on one advice, offline, if I can. And often I’ve had lunch with people who post on core who just happen to be in town for interviews or something.

… for me, I’d rather people know who I am so they can way my words and decide to listen or not. When I see a guest post some kind of diatribe, I always think in the back of my mind “why should I listen to you? what have you done? maybe you’ve been in the game longer than me, maybe your just a hack, how can I tell?”

That said there are times when posting as a guest is absolutely neccessary. Looking for advice with trouble at work, or putting together a portfolio for an interview, you probably don’t want your employer to find that stuff.

2¢ _ for better or worse


Good points all around…I’d have to agree the most with general perception of accountability. People will spew some ridiculous stuff when they don’t have to worry about the repercussions of their posts. I like to be able to know a bit about who I’m conversing with for the most part…but I don’t hold it against anyone if they aren’t down with giving away any info about their real-life personas…

There’s a fair amount of straight talk regarding work, pay, personal views - I’ve always been concerned about an employer, co-worker, or even ex co-worker/employer putting together a list of posts that you’ve made - I don’t attack anyone on this site, but sometimes talk about pay, what I’m working on, general complaining, and even dating stuff which I’d be a little paranoid of someone I know reading - when you’re somewhat anonymous you can be more honest about what you really think, which can always be used against you.

There are many people who go on as guests looking to provoke people - I wouldn’t condone that, but this is America, but I also would say that sometimes it is unwise to be outspoken on a site where someone can search through every thread you’ve posted - the design community is small and you have to have a professional face on at all times when dealing with employers, co-workers, past co-workers, alumni, etc.

i started this post and i have a better understanding of the accountability issue now. as a trial experiment, if we could somehow have a group of registered users here who only revealed their portfolio (and maybe current employer) to each other, creating a more credible level of user with private posts only available to those users, i think this could create some interesting and valid conversations. i know it seems like the dreaded ‘elitist’ group, however, i really think it might be worth it to really help put the experienced designer ‘in perspective’… any volunteers out there…?

maybe you should kick it off… lead by example.

here are my design credentials

I’m the Senior footwear designer at sperry top-sider outside of Boston. i have designed several highly regarded collections for STS, most of which show up in dept stores where we are the #1 brand, as well as at independents and marine shops. Previously i worked at Puma for 3 years where I designed the Scrill climbing shoe, the Kendo martial arts shoe, the bluto sandal, the dedo sandal (millions sold) the Japandal flip flop for which i won inclusion in Graphis’ product design 3 book highlighting the top designs of the past 5 years, as well as many, many other shoes at pooma. Previous to that I worked at DKNY for a short while, was design manager at High Tec for 2.5 years where I designed lite hiking, trail running and water shoes, and previous to that i worked as a toy designer at Toybiz (marvel) in Nyc for 2 years after college. I graduated form Wentworth institute of Technology in Boston. My portfolio is up at core and has almost 2000 hits…

ok now you guys know about me…Whos next!?

You guys can see my info each time I post.
I’ve got almost a year under my belt professionally.

so I guess no one will listen to me anymore :laughing:

I work mostly with fitness equipment. My corefolio is a summarized version of my student portfolio form the Ai of ft. lauderdale.

that’s me!!

Good question, ironically still asked by a “guest”.

The relative anonymity of Core regulars helps keep discussions focused on topics, not on characters, and levels the playing field making participation that much more democratic, if you want, and less intimidating for some. I really don’t see how personal or professional details necessarily raise the quality bar of most discussions. It really should be left to each individual, true, in some cases, showing off work will help prove a point or give rise to useful real-life professional contacts.

I, for one, am nearing 15 years of design practice in several industries but have been running my own little design and manufacturing “lab” for some years now. Over the years, I’m proud to have helped and mentored many starting designers unhappy with typical design employment and having an entrepreneurial streak. I strongly believe - and the evidence around points to this - designers need to wrestle more control of their professional lives and special brand of creativity and move towards what I’d call design/mfg “co-operatives” where groups of like-minded individuals pool their resources to tackle today’s fragmented markets. It is mostly a market of “niches” out there in reality, that’s why traditional marketing is hitting the wall more and more often lately.

I enjoy the occasional personal mail on Core but it’s all I have time for really … and we are fully staffed.

Till next time, still


I like to visit many bulletin boards, but I prefer to keep my work and personal life apart.
Some of my clients ask for confidentiality. I don’t reveal who they are to other clients, never mind posters on a bulletin board! I never show client work to anyone unless the client has approved it first.
I’m not being a snob or elitist, it’s just that no one I’ve ever met in the trade has ever like it if someone has shown their designs to another company! If you are freelance and cannot keep a secret, you won’t last very long!
But I’m a shoe designer with 14 years experience in pretty much every category! I work from home with my partner who specialises in web and graphics and it is going well for us!

“it could really help separate the men from the boys around here since there are so many wannabes and ‘ghosts’ here…”

Its funny a guest or “ghost” started this thread. What you are doing is going against the exact thing you are writing about, as you are writing it???

I do not have a core-folio. I think that I have given a link to the company I run before. If anyone ever has a question, pm me and I will be happy to send a link to our web-site.

I dont want my boss knowing i.m all day on the net, and writing in forums do i?