Who designed this stool??

Hi all,
A friend took a photo of this stool at this years Furniture Fair in Milan, and it looks awesome but I cannot find out who designed or made it anywhere?
Its blow moulded and collapses down like an accordion.
Countless google searches have turned up nothing and its getting fustrating :confused:

Does anyone know who designed this?


So it collapses when you sit on it?

nope, sorry shouldnt explained that a bit better.
Its shipped collapsed flat, and then you want to sit on it, you lift it up and it inflates and you place a bung in a hole in the base to hold the pressure.
So it fills with air when you lift/expand it and then you cap it off. Apparently feels a bit like a swiss ball to sit on. :slight_smile:

That sounds cool.

I spent a bit of time scanning through the Stylepark website.

I can say it doesn’t fall under the “office/contract furniture” category. But it might be buried in “Home Furniture”; there were only 436 pages, with 72 items per page … I wasn’t that interested in delving any deeper.

You might register, and submit the image you have to see if anyone on their staff recognizes it.

Hey Lew,

Thanks for that, i definately will start trolling through the pages there, sounds like a good resource.

Thanks again!

Its the ErgoErgo stool. I saw it at ICFF and I think its gonna be at NEOCON also. It was at the Heller Furniture booth, but I think they kind of branched it out into its own division. I dont know much about it though. hope this helps.

Hey Chris,

That is a huge help, thanks alot for that!
cheers :slight_smile:

man, somebody beat me to it, I just saw an ad for this on one of the neocon e-mails, so I would assume it will be there

I sat on one outside of the Heller booth today at Neocon. Interesting concept, but no matter how firm the seat is I still don’t think I felt completely secure with the stability of it while I was “off tilt” and leaning to one side while sitting on it. Regardless it does make a conversational piece/gimmick that would go well in a lobby area.

That’s really cool. It’s like ikea furniture on steroids!