who designed these

I´ve seen this model in Barcelona last week,the price a little bit high,300€.
Nice shock absorption system,mechanical stuff.

Does anyone know who designed this model?


No idea, but that looks really dope.

The shoe or the shock thing? All the stuff in the second pic is Porsche Design, so that would be the firm. nice stuff.

no idea who designed it but looks pretty cool…do you know the name of the shoe?


yup it´s Porsche-design.

check out this link,


Wow - Have to say I’m somewhat mesmerized by the mechanical cushioning we can see here!

Is this their already visually arresting Bounce system passing through puberty and into maturity I wonder?

I wonder how they feel… Perhaps someone here has already tried?

do you know the name of the shoe?


Nice stuff!
Anyone knows how much will it cost to develop such a new cushion?