Who Designed the Pre?

Did Palm Design this in-house, or did some lucky firm get to do this?

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Looks pretty nice, I’ll have to check it out in more detail.

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I think it’s pretty clear that Apple designed it, minus the qwerty slider.

It’s interesting how they took Apple’s aesthetic concept from the iPhone and went one step further with the form. They took off any edges and really made a used bar of soap form. It looks generic and Korean from two years ago to me, but nice.

As designers can we go ahead and never utter another statement like this again?

The iPhone is “barely-there” hardware design. Its minimal (thus effective) in its execution. Because of this anything with a touch screen has similarities.

If anything it shows how unimportant hardware design has become in phones.

Anyone else notice their stock jump about 60% in the last 2 days? Somebody likes this thing…

I actually like the form better than the iphone, maybe. Its just that even the shapes of the mic/speaker housing are the same? Do they have to be those shapes?

I’m sure those guys at Belkin or Griffin or whoever have to work with the dimensions of Apple(and other) devices will disagree.

When screen gets bigger than hardware’s physical presence gets smaller, its significance goes up. It will have to do everything, or more, with less. The design has to be even more efficient and pleasing at the same time.

I was shopping for a LCD TV recently and surprised myself by not being able to get over some of the designs. I had the same mentality as you before, but apparently, when everything else starts looking the same, the differences become more obvious.

As mush as I like this phone, and am considering buying it, it still has the same Palm flaw: it’s too thick.

How thick is too thick?

I’ve been in this arbitrary battle and it’s one that is generally grounded in nothing more than “thin is better”. When, in actuality, a thicker phone and/or properly weighted phone is MUCH better for typing on than a thin lightweight dohicky.

yeah, its actually pretty clear that apple didn’t design it… Maybe you should take a closer look at the apple brand identity. Sometimes when you work really hard, do a ton of research, and get people who are experts in their respective fields, you can design an iconic product, which is what apple has managed to do. And then as a result people like and purchase your iconic product, and then other businesses look at your product and think to themselves, this is the type of product people like. So then think things like, hey apparently people enjoy having the largest possible screen size that fits in their hand and pocket. They research that some people are unhappy with the on screen typing and develop various alternatives, like a slide out keyboard or a haptic screen. A researcher learns that some people like to be seen with a PDA type phone as it makes them feel important. And finally as mentioned, the form factors are taking a back seat to features and interface in this product area.

So put that in a brief for yourself and come up with something that doesn’t end up loosely resembling and iPhone, with some other feature like a slide out keyboard.

zing… well put carton.

Why couldn’t it be more unique? They could do something with texture (like the new Motorola phone), color, material, and details. Obviously Barbie pink isn’t appropriate for the smartphone persona, but what’s going to differentiate this from the rest? At least make a unique shape or something for the mic/speaker and button.

I think experiencing these in real life would make it easier to see the differences, but from a fuzzy top view, it doesn’t really distinguish itself. Maybe I’m being a picky designer, but isn’t that what these forums are for? :wink: The G1 isn’t mind-blowing, but at least it’s unique.

I’m sure there’s substantial human factors and thought behind this phone, I just wish the aesthetics would differentiate it.

Why should it?

Thin doesn’t mean light. I love a device with a little heft, I can’t stand the cheap, almost hollow plastic used on a lot of products (see laptops). But, as a phone, it has to go in my pocket, and I don’t want that bulge. I couldn’t stand the initial thickness of wallets, so I made my own from duct tape, not uncommon here I’m sure (I’m still trying to find some gaffer tape…).

I honestly don’t know the thickness yet, but from the pictures (and the fact it has the crescent slide) it looks pretty big.

The presentation from CES:

Have to say, perhaps it’s time to put my iPhone 1G in the drawer! The IxD team has done some serious thinking on this one.

I totally agree.

Under the new design patent rules here in the US, I think Apple might have a good chance in an infringement case.

I’d be interested to hear why people think this is an ‘apple product’.

I’m still not convinced by touch-screen technology on phones. Surely I’m not the only one?

Does an iPhone killer really have to be touch-screen?