who can recommend me some books about design criticism?

I am very interested in the design criticism and i want to engaged in writing about contemporary design in the future.who can recommend me some books or documents i should read? is it about design history or Contemporary Design? or another advise.thx :confused:

no one writes about design? Please give me some advices. :confused:

How about ‘The Substance of Style,’ by Virginia Postrel… it’s an easy and insightful read about aesthetics and consumerism. :slight_smile:

Thx mate. i will find that book to read in near future. it’s necessary to read.

“Emotional Design” Donald Norman
“Objects of Desire” Adrian Forty
“The Five Faces of Modenrinty” Matei Calinescu

I’ll check out that “Substance of Style” one as well, I didn’t know about that one, thanks.

i found these book.thx everybody.
can recommend some book about graphic design?