who are the best design managers to work for?

Who are the best design managers to work for in ID?
You know ,someone that you can learn from and get inspired?

The best design manager is my manager.

No. The best design manager is MY manager.

No you’re both wrong. The best design manager is mine!!!

Unless he has the “World Greatest Manager” t-shirt he doesn’t qualify. No t-shirt = no credibility. :slight_smile:

Unless you all work for me, then you’re liars!


wow, this was just a sincere question. I didnt expect this level of unprofessionalism…

Profesionally speaking

I’d have to say, i am the best design manager.

On a scale of 1-awesome

i’d rate myself at SUPER AMAZING

Geez alright…

The best design manager/mentor will ask questions instead of providing answers.
They will steer you in the right direction without being perscriptive.
They enable design without necessarily doing design.
They will advocate you and treat you as a professional with respect, dignity and trust.
They will tailor the work to your interests and talents.
They will set up a positive work environment conducive to design.
They will act to resolve your problems.
They will be demanding and rewarding.

One trait I heard somewhere that I like “the best manager can say ‘f-you’ in the morning, and ‘let’s do lunch’ in the afternoon.”

Finally, the best design managers are not necessarily the best designers!