Who am I? - Which kind of designer am I?

Hi this is my first post here so I want to ask to all of the community, who am I, because I am a bit confused.
I will start introducing myself.
I am Ferdinando from Italy, my first university studies were Business and Economics, then I went for Industrial Engineering, I dropped out both of course because later I graduated in Industrial Design in Polytechnic of Milan, the school have a scientific approach to design, but during my Erasmus period I studied in London in the Kingston University, with an approach much more artistic and workshop oriented.
Before graduating I started working as Designer for a small e-commerce doing almost everything, from graphics to copywriting to offers panning.

After the BSc I started my Msc in Product Service System Design, and here is were I started to be confused.
During the course we develop all of the aspects of the product or the service we are going to design: the campaign, the video, the product, the packaging, the interface, and the coding part if needed.
During all of my studies I have also worked as a freelance, for graphic project (printed and digital) but also with some startups to design their products.

Now I am a Design intern in the Central User Experience department in Bosch, Stuttgart Germany.
And I don’t know who I am.

Am I an Industrial designer, a product designer, an interaction designer, a service designer or what.

I really love what I did during the Master degree, to have a part in more than one phase and disciplines of the projects.
Please help me because I am going crazy.
Thank you.


I’m afraid only you can define yourself.

Titles don’t matter. The greatest irony was when I was called an engineer. It’s a long story, but still gives me a laugh today.

Seems like you have done a lot of different things. If that’s the case you should be asking your self what kind of designer you want to be. What kind of design, company and product/service do you like the most? Most employers will appreciate if you have a well defined portfolio. If you have a little bit of this and a little bit of that without a focus or concentration then the employer might be turned off.

Start with answering the question “who do you want to be?”… than make yourself that. Your career is like a design project. It has to be designed.

I don’t think you should paint yourself into a corner - you have a great opportunity right now at Bosch, you can apply all those past experiences to your contributions right now and if your internship is of a length that provides review opportunities, use that face time to explain what you’ve enjoyed most from your past experiences and offer those skills for any opportunity available now within Bosch’s design groups.

To answer your question, you have a broad skill set - leverage that however you can!

I find this very interesting. How enviable to be in the position where you can ask “who am I?” This is a dilemma though because everyone wants to know what their place in the professional world is and where they will succeed.

Something that I was told which really stuck in my career path is to pick something and stick with it until you are great. I am an industrial designer who comes from a furniture, and gymnastic equipment building background (which are very similar). I now work as a furniture designer/industrial designer/ product manager.

My brother has a degree in software engineering and a masters in environmental management. Somehow he has managed to make the two areas of knowledge work for his career and works with geographical information systems management.

Everything you do can end up defining you, so choose wisely.

Interesting question isn’t it. It’s like the caterpillar asking Alice who she is, is she small, is she big etc.
And it can stress you out because it seems like this one-way road or whirlpool you’ll get through and never can return once you have decided who you are. Thing is, it’s more like a role you decide to take and in many different circumstances and with different people you’ll be a different person. So you just have to make a choice otherwise you are moving around with doubts. Other people will also help defining you so listen to everyone around you as well as your own voice.
It’s nice working in experience design but it can seem like you are doing a lot of things and aren’t any of those. So you can pick a title that suits you best according to what you would like to put your focus on - if you have a vision of a future professional portfolio you can gear your title towards it. And if you change your mind in the future, so be it. I was trained to be a hybrid interaction/industrial designer as well, I always liked the title Interactive Product Designer even though I don’t use it.

Thank you all for the answers!
You really helped me a lot.
Nonetheless I know what I love to do and who I want to be, the all point is that I don’t know what is position and if it exist for what I want to do.
Maybe I just need a dictionary of “design positions” (name - what they do) because there is just confusion :smiley: