Whiteboard Materials/coatings

I’ve had whiteboards on my mind lately.

I need to find a coating or material that can make a very high quality whiteboards. Price is less the issue than the creating of a very high quality, long lasting whiteboard.


Have you heard of Idea Paint?

nope…is it a coating that is suitable for production? I’m looking for production quality materials, not a home solution.

You are looking for a coated steel surface for its magnetic property, cost-effectiveness and durability. If you fire ceramic onto it it will be the most durable material and leaves no marks. A melamine, acrylic or polyester coat are also often used for a durable solution.

(White board tip: if you have used permanent markers by accident, write over them with dry-erase markers, then erase)

US Steel - Vitrenamel - porcelain enamel steel sheet.


My mistake. I read it too quickly and thought you were looking for a solution for the studio/office

That metal looks fantastic! Thanks for that.

How about plastic? Anyone know of a formable plastic that would act as a whiteboard? Possibly coated?

I’m pretty sure a polypropylene sheet would work…but I’m guessing it is porous enough that it will leave ghost marks.

Maybe a high molecular weight PE?

We made some in our shop at a previous job. Cold rolled steel with a gloss white powder coat. Worked very well.

I would rather think of something less absorbent, maybe thermoforming PMMA such as Plaskolite http://www.plaskolite.com