While some of you argue...

…there are some very cool things happening out there.

Anyone remember the old discussions about the future of design? Anyone interested in custom, niche products? Furniture? Low-production runs? Urban vinyl toys? If so, then you probably know one of the biggest hurdles is just selling the product.

Right now the corporations are trying to tap user-created content for advertising. As the Chevy Tahoe mess has shown, it can backfire. Now imagine you - an independent designer - could harness that same resource… without the backlash that comes from years of doing business that a bunch of people have a problem with. It’s coming.

Link to an interesting application and more commentary here

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I’m one of those designers left alienated by the corporate side itching to go indie. More specifically, I want to design and produce low volume avant-garde furniture with a high degree of ‘constrained’ customization available (no custom/studio furniture, please).

In my market research, I’m suprised at how few furniture designer / manufacturers utilize the networking oportunities that are practically free through the internet. Very few blogs, wiki’s, etc. - but there are lots of flashy, increadibly difficult to navigate sites, with very limited (if any) information given about ordering, retail, production, prices… Out of 200+ business and individuals in the USA that appear to design and produce furniture, 3 have blogs.

I’ve long believed that you can make it as a contemporary furniture designer and manufacturer while being located outside NYC or LA/SF with these networking opportunities. Its so obvious - right?

These new services should make being and indie designer more profitable (I can only hope!).

…self-aggrandizement runs counter to the “recommendations of a friend” premise of mypicklist…so it is just another form of pop-up and auto-link which already permeates the web…welcome to the darkside.

How so? Self-aggrandizement and empowerment is often all about how many friends you have.

…so it is just another form of pop-up and auto-link which already permeates the web…welcome to the darkside.

Apparently you didn’t read the development blog. It doesn’t mention pop-ups or auto-links. It mentions banner ads on things like blogs. But there is already a ton of advertising on blogs. There’s only so much space available. Now which would you rather promote: some unknown product that pops up from a banner ad network (or Google AdSense)? or a product you actually like and maybe one by a fellow independent designer?

I know which I prefer.

Is marketing/advertising not self-aggradizement at its core, anyway? This is the reason why we’ve developed such a distrust for it.

So mypicklist may just be yet another way to peddle your wares, but maybe it will be a bit more ethical than typical marketing schemes. Time will tell…

I’ve already taken actions by regaining some control over the use of content on my own blog. Because feeds going to some aggregators can be sandwiched between other feeds (which will increasingly carry advertising - text, images, aso), I’ve cut the feed from my blog. That’s made some people unhappy. Fine. Let them buy the crap out there because they’re too lazy to avoid the ads.

Eventually, when things like MyPicklist and other options (like mashups using Ning and Vast) start giving niche product people a more level field to compete, I’ll be one of the first to promote them. As a design community, I’d rather see that sort of thing rather than “designer spam” on forums like this.

How is this different from http://www.kk.org
Kevin Kelly has had a blog for more than a couple of years already,
all its missing is ads.(which is apreciated by the community).

Which website do independent musicians go to when they want to promote their band? Kevin Kelly or a blog on MySpace?

The difference is between someone alone on an island and the population of New York City. All these internet developments are like giving independent designers their own home manufacturing machines. It’s why the Advertising world is in chaos; they’re losing control… to consumers. MyPicklist or something similar makes average people the advertisers. If advertising firms are losing money, that means average people could be finding that money simply by promoting what they like within their own sphere of influence.

There are other apps like iKarma; a company with an eBay-like reputation system not tied to one business. There are more. I like the one that lets me set a consulting price on simple consulting via online phone. They learn my expertise (maybe through LinkedIn) and check my reputation (iKarma), want my opinion, agree to the charge and call for advice; money is charged for the call and goes to me.

The internet is changing at a crazy pace right now. I read about it everywhere except on this website. It’s like ID is getting stuck in the past.