Which would you rather Specialize in: SKETCHING or RENDERING

sketching. especially on drink-stained cocktail napkins.


ok my 3D rendering sucks. cough

For enjoyment and an ADD-like design process, sketching.

However, I’m lazy so getting paid to let my computer render is also kind of sweet.

sketching FTW! :smiley:

Anyone hired for their 3d rendering skills is not a designer, they’re an artist.

Zing! That’s gonna ruffle some feathers.

Can’t wait to watch the fireworks now :wink:

Now this is a better discussion…

Does that mean anyone hired for their sketching skills is not a designer, but an illustrator?


I think one should just concentrate on sanding parts. haha.

i see a strong future as a professional support material remover.

Wow, now that’s a good question.

actually, the sister department to my own is STOCKED with excellent designers but their daily duties are really nothing more that glorified illustrators. i know they are frustrated by this.

i was placed in that department for a few months to allieviate some backlog. my range of experience was undervalued and i was just to illustrate sales wants and needs over existing product. i was more accustomed to a start from scratch approach. i was frustrated and sunk into the “pooping it out” method. thankfully, the backlog was soon over and i was moved back to the department i was originally hired into.

Kungfu Jesus: If you sketch well, build slick models or render well, I think we’ve all been there.

You know, I just thought of another level to this question. By sketching do we mean near illustrating non-existant products or the ability to think and experiment on paper quickly? I know a few projects that I’m really proud of were the result of very ugly, nearly illegible sketching. Some of the projects I wish I could forget featured some of my best looking sketches in ideation.

It depends on what the sketching skills are:

Pretty pictures = illustrator.
Problem solving tool = designer.

i get that. i use sketching as a problem solving tool. i rarely present them outside departmental meetings because they are showing a thought process not well understood outside the design-saavy.

that said, i think the sketch quality isn’t as important as the idea.

it’s the renderings that (while mostly computer generated) give a visual translation of the sketches to the masses.

Unfortunately hot-sketches frequently lead to bad decisions and a false sense of security.

I’ve had to teach my management to trust in the design process and avoid premature sketches, models & renderings until we’ve done our due-dilligence in concept-definition. Before they would ask you to sketch up their idea, and the next thing you know engineering is building it. I can’t tell you how many failed projects started out this way…

OMG, are we going to beat this dead horse yet again? Just because you have a hot sketch, doesn’t mean you are done. You still have to manage the process (i.e. don’t let marketing and engineering run away with your sketch, control it). And… Just because you have a great idea, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the time to sketch out variations, find the best one, and communicate that refined idea in a dynamic manner.

Yeah sorry, I took the bait.