Which would you rather Specialize in: SKETCHING or RENDERING

Obviously you need both to thrive in this industry, but if you had a choice to specialize in TOP NOTCH/best sketching skills or TOP NOTCH 3D rendering capabilities (meaning you can use a variety of programs), which would you rather have? So if you specialize in one or the other, that is all you would get paid for. Is there more of a demand for either?

sketching. hands down.


sketching fosho -


This question doesn’t even make sense.

I’d rather specialize in design, creativity, ideas… But as conveyed in sketching…




I’d much rather be throwing down pen and ink than adjusting splines and tweaking “Indirect illumination primary bounce multipliers” (I think that sounds about how it feels).

Rendering… with a marker… while sketching. BOOYEAH!!

There are designers that are hired for their sketching abilities and designers that are hired for their 3d rendering skills. I’ve known and worked with both kinds. What don’t you understand?

Sketching. You can always do it, even when the power goes out. Plus you don’t have to search online for help since you already know how to do everything. You programmed your hand to work the most intuitive way for you, your software may not be so friendly!


Look at every answer.

Besides, it’s all ball bearings these days.

Moooooon Riverrrrrrr

Same here, and agree with Bhan, I don’t get the question as well.

Sketching and rendering are just tools and skills to get the job done. Over focusing on it is like pimping your car engine, and forgetting about getting better brakes.

For me Yo and Lingmiester have already said it, being a good designer who can identify and solve real needs/problems should always come first.

Your tools are nothing without good ideas!

I think you can compare it to languages. Sketching is like a language, and you can become very fluent in that language, but it is what you say that is important, not just the language itself. These are all tools too communicate, as the spoken word is. The reason for their existence is to communicate ideas between people.

I don’t think the spirit of the OP was if sketching or CG was a replacement for design skill, but in communicating all our wonderful and world changing concepts, which skill is most useful/marketable.

so we’ve established that its only a tool, that being said, which tool do you want be an expert at.

answer seems obvious for me. CAD has come a long way and is an amazing tool, but it will never replace sketching. not too mention you can always hire a good CAD guy.