which wacom to choose?


I am a recent grad in industrial design and im looking to purchase a wacom tablet for rendering. I saw that the tablets come in a few differant sizes and i want to know which size is the best. Id hate to get one thats too small or pay for one thats too big when i really didnt need it. I was thining about maybe 6x8 ( fits in my budget) but that just seems kinda small. any thoughts?

Wondered the same thing when I was looking…

Although the big one is nice, some have said that the good thing about the 6 x 8 is its portability - if you have a laptop, it may very well fit into your laptop briefcase.

I went with the compromise - the 6 x 11 tablet.

If you’re willing to go with the lower model (most of the reviews I saw discouraged it and said the Intuos is more solid), I believe there is a bluetooth graphire so that you’re wireless…

I’ve been using an inuos2 6x8 for a year and a half now. I had an OLD 9x12 before this and I actually prefer the smaller one. Portability is definately a plus, while still being large enough to sketch on. I would not recommend a graphire, the difference between them is noticable.

If you can afford it, I would highly recommend the cheaper cintiq for about $1500 (i think). Although it’s definetly a jump in price from the intuos, it’s very natural and you don’t have to pay for a computer monitor, so you’re effectively saving at least $200 there.

I’ve used all of them and I own a 9x12 and the 9x12 is too big, its works great but my complaint is it takes up too much desk space. If you have a way to store it great. I works so well I dont use my mouse anymore.


Thanks for all your input. ill probally go with the 6x8 intuos3 now. ive never used one of these before- do you have to set your working area to about 6x8 too for the best results or does it work okay no matter what size image u work on?

That’s what I have and I like it. You can customize the mapping of the surface area to your screen. It’s the same proportions as my dell and apple 17" monitor.
The only thing I don’t like is that it has touch sensitive scroll pads in the upper corners that you can hit by accident when drawing or moving your hand up to type on your keyboard. Other than that I love the size, and it’ll fit in bookbags easily since it’s not much bigger than a standard notebook binder.