Which University (postgraduate) is best for me?

Hey there,

I just want to hear a few opinions about which Uni is best for me and my future.

About me:

  • From Germany
  • Mechanical Engineering Bachelor
  • Want to do something creative now
  • Interested in a very diverse range of topics

What I expect from my postgraduate programme:

  • First of all I want to meet enterprising people that are willing to start a business
  • I want to build things in interdisciplinary teams
  • I want to study with people that are full of enthusiasm
  • I want to live in a nice environment
  • (I am also willing to do a second master afterwards)

Unis I applied to and application status:

  • Royal College of Art → Innovation Design Engineering → had an interview but just got a place on the reserve list
  • Design Academy Eindhoven → Contextual Design → I´ve been invited to an interview in April
  • Loughborough University London Campus → Design Innovation → offer
  • Brunel University London → Integrated Product Design → offer
  • TU Delft → Integrated Product Design → still waiting for an answer

My first choice was definitely the RCA but unfortunately the interview didnt went very well. However, if I get an offer of the reserve list I will definitely go there.

I know, Design Academy Eindhoven is an outstanding design school but I am not sure if it is the right place to work intersisciplinary. Do they have a lot of students with other backgrounds then design?

The Loughborough University is going to open its new London based campus this year. I think also the courses are new. From what I read they really aim to help entrpeneurs which would be great, but its just one year and I dont know if that is enough time to meet new people. Also, the course and campus are new and not proofed. Maybe it will be a bit chaotic and unstructured.

I think I will not go to Brunel, it is very similar to Loughborough but I dont like the environment.

I know that TU Delft is very research based and technical. Maybe its the best Uni if I would like to continue my engineerin education and if I want to find a job in the R&D department of a big company.

In the future I see myself working in a studio with friends to develop prototypes, and bring new products to the marked. Maybe this imagination is a bit romantic but why not follow your dreams.

I hope you can give me a few opinions about what is best for me.