Which tablet for sketching

As my current cellphone lease comes to renewal there are some nice options
to consider. I’ll go for a bundle of a smartphone and a tablet.

I can get either:

iphone 5s and ipad air

Xperia z2 and Sony Tablet Z2

Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 2014

I am leaning towards Apple because I am used to the iphone 4S and it
was a solid experience overall. The Sony phone has the IP55 protection
and a better cam going for it, the Samsung the changeable battery
and the included Stylus with the pad, also we could sync it with our TVs,
but the hardware fit and finish sucks.

So what pad would you guys prefer to sketch on. Is one of the pads much
preferable for a reason I don’t know?

Are the Galaxy notes really the only ones with pressure sensitivity?


I have a Galaxy Note 8 and a Galaxy Note 2. I’ve owned an iPad in the past as well.
Truthyfully, I use none of the above on a daily basis for drawing. I did use them the first few weeks when I was high off my purchase. But as a daily use, it is rarely used for drawing. I always find myself going to pen and paper, sketchbook, or tablet pen monitor to sketch in and outside of the home.

So, personally, I would not recommend buying an iPad or Galaxy Note device for sketching.
(I am selling my Note 8 if you are interested)

I would get one of the phones you listed and instead invest on a pen monitor of some sort. The one I have cost about $500. It’s not a mobile solution, but is great for sketching and I use it all the time.

I use a Nokia Windows phone and a Samsung NotePro 12.2 for general all-around mobile stuff. If sketching on the go is a goal, I’d go for either the NotePro 12.2 (12.2", Wacom S-Pen 1024 levels, etc…if Android does the trick for you) or a Surface 3 (12", Windows 8.1, NTrig 256 levels).

I’m pleasantly surprised with the Note Pro 12.2, but I’ll probably still get a Surface 3 in the next month or so to have a full fledged Windows machine on hand while traveling.

I have a Galaxy Note and one reason I got it was its stylus input.
Turns out that I never use the thing for sketching, it’s just too small.

Now I’m looking for a laptop-tablet hybrid with pen digitizer, such as the Fujitsu Stylistic Q704. Seems to me like the best overall solution.

100% agreed. I have TWO note devices that get no sketching love from me. I am trying to sell a Galaxy Note 8.0 if anyone is interested.

I bought a laptop-tablet hybrid with pen digitizer today. Ill post up a review sometime this week.