Which software?

Hi all,

i am a new kid on the block on 3-D, but I am quite fluent with AutoCAD. I am looking for software that can do following:

  1. Realistic rendering and modeling, easy to control changing shapes
  2. Stress/Strain forces anaylsis etc…
  3. Be able to send the part to CNC machine, 3-D printer, something function that interact with manufacturing device for rapid prototype.
  4. real-world screw/bolt etc… parts.
  5. Be able to select different kind of material.

Overall, i am looking forward to build 3-D model toward engineering (manufacturing) usage rather than build 3-D just for “looking” sake.

I have gone through the posts, but I am still confused…

How come people don’t talk about CATIA?

Please help.


as far as i know, catia is generally not used by product designers outside of aircraft and car design. even there most designers use alias.

catia is almost always used by engineers, and this is a design forum. it also shows up en masse, you don’t usually find a group of 10 or fewer users in a company. pro-e and solidworks are pushed at those people much more.

the same is sort of true with unigraphics and i-deas, though less so. i’ve seen users in groups of 5 or so inside one company.