Which software works better ?? Some guide

Hi guys… I’m trying to figure which software is more convinient… I work at Sylvania Costa Rica, and we want to swicth to a real design development software, so far we´ve looked over Inventor, Soldworks and SolidEdge… Any recomendations or coments? I really appreciate it!!!

I’ve only started to use Solidworks after using Rhino for 4 years, and can’t believe how good Solidworks is. Haven’t used Inventor (let alone heard of it) and don’t work with Solid Edge.

If you’re highlighting ease for product development Solidworks definitely does well because your ability to manipulate the form even when you are finished with it is awesome. I’m generally impressed with it. It’s expensive though…

most pros use a two package combo beyond photoshop and illustrator.

like rhino/solidworks alias/proe stay away from the infant software like inventor.

Stay away from Siemens/UGS Solid Edge. I’ve been using SE since V7 the latest releases are remarkably unreliable - crashy and incapable of dealing with assemblies of more than 3 parts. I really wonder what happened. It has become more of a hindrance than a design tool. The best thing Solid Edge has going for it is it’s free 2D software - the full 3D package should be free!

What types of products & deliverables are you looking at? Some software is better at different tasks. Narrow your question a bit.

Highly engineered products?
Need glossy renderings?
Fast learning curve?
Cross-divisional sharing of files?
Virtual testing (ie. mold flow, FEA)

Sheet metal → SolidEdge
Everything else → SolidWorks
Inventor → never

Also grab a surface modeler if you are doing a lot of crazy forms. Otherwise, SolidWorks will be fine.

Stay away from Siemens/UGS Solid Edge.

What’s really funny is that UGS leases their kernel to Solidworks, so at the core of the program they are identical pieces of software. Dassault has just figured out a better way to use UGS’ product.

Solidworks works great

NURB: I found that out recently and I almost can’t believe it. SW is more stable, more functional, easier to use and handles memory better…plus it has Mental Ray rendering with Photoworks…how can the base be the same as SE?

It’s like opening the hood of a Ferrari and seeing an Escort engine.

nah…one can surface everything is solidworks these days. it’s preetty remarkable how good the surface tools are…c3, freeform, you name it…

what is the level of usability/output of UG NX5 if seen in the light of this thread?

Inventor is a great tool but you can’t make pieces to flow nice or more organic. It more squared and round the edge of them.

Studio tools is a great tool really almost everything into 1 program. 3d modeling and also for sketching is really great.

I was suprised, too. When we were in the process of moving to Solidworks a few years ago, we looked at Inventor, Solidedge and Solidworks. After the solidedge guy did his dog and pony show, he asked what else we were looking at. When we said Solidworks, that was the first thing that came out of his mouth. He even went so far as to say “What if one day UGS decides to discontinue that agreement? Where will you be with Solidworks then?” Yeah, right buddy. UGS is going to give up the millions and millions of dollars of instant income from Dassault. I’m pretty sure Solidworks out sells Solidedge every year.

As for Photoworks, I believe that is completely separate from the base software, so Dassault developed that on their own. Just like Cosmos, Toolbox, and all the other Add-ins.

Also, if anyone is running SW 2008 yet, the interface is completely new. And the surfacing tools seem to be getting better with every release.

Yeah. Are you finding Photoworks in 2008 more difficult to get good results from…? 2007 seemed pretty stable and consistent, 2008 seems like luck…

I would say that I could create any surface in Solidworks that I could in Alias. However, Alias has superior analysis tools to SolidWorks. They are probably important only to auto designers, but hey, they are superior none-the-less.

Here at Stelpro, they were using SolidEdge, mainly because of legacy. Therefore, I’m stuck with it. The others are lucky, they only do simple sheet metal work. I really shocked them with some designs I forced out of SE. They couldn’t believe that SE was capable of anything other than squares and cylinders. I still wish I had SW. I could do the work in half the time.

Are you finding Photoworks in 2008 more difficult to get good results from…?

It seems a bit more clumsy, but overall not bad. The one thing I don’t like is that the new Realview, real-time render views aren’t printable directly out of solidworks. I end up having to do either a screen cap, or a quick render at low quality if I want something fast. I’d like to be able to print as it looks on screen. There are many pages of complaints about this on the Solidworks user forum.

I think this might actually be the strongest argument in favor of SW: it probably has the best interface in the business, and this can save you hours a week that might have otherwise been wasted fighting the crappy interface on, say, Alias or Pro/E.

Now that it’s got boundary surfaces and C2 continuity, it’s hard to think of a reason why you’d want a different parametric solid modeler. Versus a surface modeler–I’m not entirely convinced that it gives you as easy or direct control over surfaces as Alias or Rhino does, but it’s still pretty good. 2008 doesn’t really have any improvements over 2007 in terms of surfacing, but the new interface and automation features are pretty spectacular. Looking forward to getting a copy of it myself.

Thank you all… it have been very helpfull

So at the end SW is better than SE, but if the applications are related to sheet metal (which is our case, mainly) SE works perfectly fine…