Which software will be ideal for my situation?

Hello everyone :laughing: My first post.

I am a one man shop with experience in the entertainment and concept product design field. I am very good at using Maya but now want to add Rhino or alias Studio type of software to my business.

What am I trying to achieve?

  • Create stunning product visuals which I already am in Maya but would like the data to be passable to engineering people.
    Currently my Maya data being all poly based is useless from engineering point of view.

What are my issues?

Well Rhino is cheap and Alias Studio is $$$. For a one man shop Rhino is the obvious choice? I won’t be doing any hardcore manufacturing related stuff. Would someone still say that I should pick alias studio instead of Rhino and why?

Learning Time frame? IMPORTANT

Which will be easier to pick for someone who has extensive Maya experience (some Maya nurbs modelling as well)? What kind of time frame am I looking at to be up and running? 3 months…6months? Year?

Any additional advice would be appreciated.

Come on people few words :laughing: :blush:

I would go for the Rhino without any hesitation.

I don’t understand the point of getting Alias if you already have Maya. Rhino is nice its rendering capabilitys aren’t as high as Maya or 3DS.

Thanks I will go with :arrow_right: Rhino.
A month will be enough t get up to speed with Rhino?

Defintetly Rhino with the VRay plugin…

Actually I will probably just get plain Rhino without Vray etc. Maya meets all my rendering needs.
There is a good deal going if you buy Rhino together with Maxwell. I think if there was a Vray bundle then I might have given it a shot.