which software on PC for creating packaging dielines ?


our company does a lot of packaging design, the variety that uses card and pvc dielines which fold up to make the packaging. currently we use vellum draft for creating the dielines on a macintosh.

does anybody know what software packaging engineers/manufactureres use on a pc or the actual machine that is used to create these dielines ? also, what formats do they typically use/prefer…e.g. .dxf or .ai or .dwg…?

i would like to ba able to send them a dieline that they can really send to the machine, hence my questions concerning software and filetypes. i’m guessing autocad…

is is possible to draft these dielines in pro e ? anybody experienced with the draft setup in pro e (does it have offset, polar array etc…)

any experienced suggestions to this issue are much appreciated !

manufacturers are just line print houses. They don’t all use the same application or want the files in the same format. I suggest you contact your clients and ask them what they would prefer.

Hi, take a look to this link, and you can figure out if it helps or not.