Which school?

I’m currently going to the university of connecticut, but I am going to transfer to a different school for ID. Is the royal melbourne institute of technology (RMIT) a good school? I’d love to go to a school in a different country, and it’s much cheaper than the other schools I’m looking at.
I’m also going to apply to Pratt and RISD, but they are both expensive.
What about Savannah college of art and design? Is that good?
I’m so over whelmed by schools, so any answers would help. :slight_smile:



Check out some of the discussions about design schools:


I agree with Yo. Every school is different and suits many different needs. All of us have been to many different schools and had many different experiences but you need to find what is good for you. If you look into the other postings you can see what has already been discussed and if you have questions from there than we can certainly help you out.

Last time I looked at SCAD (a while ago) it was then NOT accredited by the north central association. Something to think about.

SCAD has been putting out some really fantastic students with some great portfolios. When I’m doing a portfolio review I think “wow this kid has great work!” not “wait, wasn’t there some accredidation confusion with his school?”

But for the love of god please lets not start this discussion AGAIN as it’s already been beaten to death.

As a SCAD alumni, I will have to agree with cyber. Also if you want more info on this, it has been discussed in length before, just search SCAD on the boards.