Which school is the better grad school, Please help me out.

Hi everyone;

My name is vyasateja and I am from India; I am applying for the fall semester in 2006 for masters in Industrial Design n the deadlines are fast approaching. I have collected some info about the following schools and have listed them out according to my preference. I need you guys with your current or past experiences in these schools to help me choose the ideal school for me. But first let me start with my profile so that you can help me understand what my chances are,


Previous degree: Bachelor degree in Mechanical engineering. (B.E)
Years of experience: 2.5 years in Automotive design at General Motors. - India.
GRE score: 960(too much work to sit and study 3500 words guys; I mean come on)
Toefl score: 277

And since I am a mechanical engineer I need some good studio courses to help me refine my sketching and rendering skills
The cost and the number of assistantships and aid
Campus placements for a job
Good internships
Clean safe and healthy environment to live and study

Guys these are the universities according to my order of preferences, please let me know what u guys think of them and IF I CAN GET IN:

University of Cincinnati
Georgia tech
NC state university
Purdue university
Ohio state university
university of Kansas
University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign
Art center college of design


Guys please check out my portfolio; u can do so, on my website and let me know your thoughts and valuable opinions: www.freewebs.com/vyasateja

Can you list any engineering projects? That holds weight too. It shows analytical experience. Your school list looks good. Your website looks like it could be better. For presentation look at some of the better ID websites.
Can GM India sponsor you? I would say that your work is up to par, but you need to convince people of that visually. If you have access to UG at home, or a computer that can run it, you should make some mock automotive parts/sheet metal.

One glaring item- your lotus sketch which is a sketch over of a Ferrari Scaglietti… rename it.

Master blaster ; that was awesome ; i mean ur comments are so true and honest; thank you so much man; did u go through my portolio too ; i mean thanks so much for devoting some time for me man…

I have a lot of work ex on sheetmetal parts and i can definetely show them ; but i did not think in this approach at all ; i mean i never thought they would be beneficial at all; i shall do it immediately man.

hey GM - India can sponsor me but then i will have to work there again ; which i dont wanna do at this time…

but the automotive parts and the modelling i have already started will update u on that ASAP.

one more problem is that i am not too good at website programming man; so kinda have to brush up on that…

Masterblaster once again thank you so much for your very valuable inputs please keep them coming

That was stupid of me man ; i have uploaded an image and renamed it as another; i have changed the name to the ferrari scagleitti of course; awesome observation dude;

By the way what do u think i should do abt the schools i am very much inclined towards cincinnati ; what do u think which university will help a guy like me ; i need a lot of studio classes ;

Others ;come on guys ; help me out here.


Those schools that take the GRE seriously cut off at 1000 total for Master’s students.

Guest ;

Do you suggest that i take the GRE again; to improve my scores////


savyas PM me and i’ll give you some info on your folio and schools if you want.

yeah man you might want to try to get that 1000 on the gre, as arbitrary as it may seem.

By the way, I’m in about the same place as you…MechE a few years of experince, going back for a Masters of ID. I’m looking at some of the same schools, be sure to look at admisions closely, some like non-ID undergrads, others don’t.

best of luck

you may want to consider Carnegie Mellon University. they have one of the best graduate programs

Guests ;

Thanks for your timely replies.I have booked the date for my GRE again and this time ill have to sit and study; i guess, my projects are all completed and no pressure from work so i can do that; on the other hand i need to work on my Portfolio too as Master Blaster and others have kindly pointed out.

One more info that i got was that CMU has product development; how good is that and how different is that from ID.

Guys my gratitude for your help.


I really wouldn’t get too concerned with GRE scores - it’s been said here many times, the portfoilio counts most. yours needs work - take a year at a local design school…or consider a 2nd bachleors altogether. The only benifit from the Masters is to get a tenured teaching job.

No spec; thanks for the comments, i really had this thought ; because in terms of sketching and rendering and with respect to form and function i am left far behind; the most important thought being - grad school - can it fulfill all this in 2 years of time;\

but then there is another factor , that is time, i am already 24 and another 3 years of study(undergrad) would blow me into the middle of nowhere, and then a graduate degree would be 2 more years , So by the time i settle down with a decent job i would have crossed 30 …dont yu think so ; but as your second suggestion sounds plausible enough, its worth a go, we have some okk kinda schools where if i work hard enough ; i can get to build a decent portfolio.

Please keep your very valuable suggestions coming in…

what do you think of the grad program in cinncinati; how is it ?, cant i pick up the necessary skill sets with extra classes…

Best regards

ID is a young profeesion without the academic legacy of other disciplines - a Masters degree has little/NO value in the feild and is only useful to get tenure in Universities. Is teaching your goal?

You will not be admitted to UC’s grad program (like many others) without a Bachlors in design. Art schools tend to be less strict, Pratt is one.

Most schools (UC included) have a summer crash course in freshman foundations, then allow admission/transfer into sophomore year. 3 years is not much time to invest for a career lasting the rest of your life.

(Could you imagine someone entering mechanical engineering with only 2 years of school - impossible!)

No spec;

I did a lot of nosing around and i have come to the conclusion that i shall go for a bachelors degree in Industrial design, however i heard that there might be some provisions that u can finish your undergrad in around 2 years and then continue on to your masters course.Can you please throw some light on this .?? anyone kindly let me know as to how i can proceed here; are there any universities that offer courses like this.??

Kindly help me out here please …ASAP.

Kind regards

hey have you considered some of the european universities, like Umea RCA, Loughborough.
umea http:77www.dh.umu.se in particular admits engineering students, the education is FREE and the course is entirely studio based so you get to hone up on the necessary skills like sketching.

loughbrough has a modules based course where you can focus on the design skills rather than the technical skills that you want to gain most

RCA has a course in Industrial design engineering, which is specifically designed for engineers, to teach them design skills.
The sae as STANFORD
So there are stil ALOT of options out there, even if the art schools turn their nose up on you for being an engineer.

good luck!!

I have only heard of the accelerated Bachlors+Masters in Architecture.

I assume since you are still asking about a Masters, you intend on teaching one day - tenure track positions are extremely competitive, even more so than ID in general (largely due to budget cuts). 1st: you will need first rate credentails - many of the most reputable programs will not admit you right out of undergrad, they will expect you to have some professional experience to pass on to their undergrads (you will want to TA both years). 2nd: you’ll have to have a solid research/publishing agenda, ideally this would continue the work you start in grad school (you will have more time to do initial research in school than when you start teaching full time).

the path you are outllining for yourself has no shortcuts, trying to rush things will only hurt you in the long run.