Which school is better? BYU in Utah, or CCAD in Ohio?

Hey guys. Quick question: which school is better for ID, BYU or CCAD? I know CCAD probably has a better design program, but BYU is a much more highly respected university. Any comments from designers actually in the field?

I’m a junior in the BYU ID program, so here’s a brief intro:

BYU has a small program, so although it’s pretty strong, there aren’t a lot of alumni out there compared to schools with huge programs. In my opinion, BYU’s strength is giving you a broad foundation of design education - it doesn’t narrowly focus on one specialty aspect of design like presentation (Art Center) or human factors (Georgia Tech?). You get 2 years of the basics and then 2 more years to refine and hone your skills in preparation for the workplace.

The program is four years - the Freshman level is easy to get in to, you just have to show some degree of talent and creativity (fine art stuff is okay for this portfolio). Between Freshman and Sophomore year, there is a final cut off down to 15 people (from 40). Just show that you work hard, apply what you learn, and are passionate, and you should make it.

The program is improving every year. The teachers complement each other well in terms of specialty and personality. The last two years a BYU student has been awarded a IDSA national award (only two students in the country get this each year). Lots of our students have returned from internships with top design firms surprised at how much better prepared they were for the design business than their fellow interns from other schools.

If you have any questions about it, I can tell you anything you need to know.

Why those 2?

Art schools and Univerisities can be very different environments, you should really visit them to see where you fit better, because wherever you’re capable of doing your best work is where you belong.

I graduated from CCAD in 2005 and taught there part time before moving away. Their ID program and overall faculty definitely has some good teachers (though there has been some shuffling around in the last year…so I cannot vouch for any new faculty), and they are beginning to make great strides toward updating the ID department (finally getting 3D printing machines, new computers, CNC…etc…) and the campus as a whole is being quickly updated with new classrooms, new dorms, etc. and they are working more and more with their next-door neighbor Columbus State Community College to share resources to great a larger campus environment, as well as buying up entire blocks around the campus for expansion. (Though I’d imagine the current economy will slow them down a bit)

Just from my class, I know of people working at Coleman, Bose, Black and Decker, Teams, EVO, Priority Design, and other such places.

There are also a few notable design companies such as Priority Design, Batelle, Fitch (not so much anymore…), and a few others.

Definitely do your homework well, and best of luck.