Which school for Undergrad

Guys which school would you guys recommend me for undergrad product design program?

Khio - Oslo
Pratt - New York
Parsons - New York
UC - Cincinnati
UMEA - Umea
Politecnico de Milano - Milan
Aalto University School of Art and Design - Helsinki
Konstfack - Stockholm
The Danish Design School - Copenhagen
Design Academy Eindhoven - Nederland

That is an impossible question to even begin to make a guess at. Only you can unlock the answer.

Try posting your own thoughts about each of them. Have you been accepted yet? Have you searched the forums for each of those schools? I know there have been tons of posts about several of those. Do a little of your own research, first!

It may help to post a little bit about yourself, your background, your interests, and your portfolio.

All listed school have pros and cons.
I am pretty sure though that you will be able to disqualify a bunch of them just by the simple fact that you might not speak the language that is required in the Undergrad education.
Konstfack, where I am attending grad school at the moment, requires you to speak Swedish.

As earlier mentioned, we can’t give you a qualified opinion until you give us some more detail about you, your interests and goals.