Which program to start with??

What programs would you guys recommend startig out with to learn. I want to put my designs on computer and then maybe do some rendering to them. Which program would you recommend for the sketch and for the render.


For digital sketching, I’d start with Photoshop or Painter. I’m trying to learn these techniques as well. Have fun with it!

Oh yea, if you can, purchase a Wacom tablet. I had my work buy the one I’m currently using. I’ll get my own later.

after using a cintiq and not my using my tablet… and now trying to use the tablet again… i’m finding it very difficult… big disconnect between what i draw on the tablet and what i see on the screen. it obviously feels very unnatrual.

I’m having the same troubles here. Although I don’t have or nor will I have a Cintiq any time soon. It does feel werid watching the screen and not watching your drawing tool. I have the Wacom Intuos3 6x8. The Cintiq is a without a doubt a must for my future purchases. Maybe I sell my spare car for it!

Anyone want an '88 E30 iX? Uber rare!