Which Path?

I’m looking for some advice as to whether or not Product/Industrial Design is right for me. First, a quick background of me: In school I’ve always been good at English , Math, and Art. Art, however, is where I excel; I love it. My love for collecting sneakers stems from my love of art. I also love sports just as much and couldn’t imagine my life without either. Now I’ve narrowed it down to Sports Business or Product/Industrial Design. I’m torn between the two and I can’t decide as to which path I should take. Basically, I’m looking for some advice/opinions as to why I should pick one over the other. Maybe you know something that I don’t. BTW I’ve been especially looking at the University of Oregon because they offer both an excellent Sports Business program and an emerging Product Design program that actually works with Nike (My favorite sneaker brand). Lengthy question I know, but I could use all the help possible. Thanks for reading.