Which Pantone book to buy for first set?

Hi all,

I’m about to buy my first set as a college grad (ah yes, the real world- no more mooching)- I would primarily be using this for print freelance gigs. I was about to purchase the SOLID set, which includes:

-FORMULA solid uncoated
-FORMULA solid coated
-Pastels & Neons coated & uncoated
-Metallics coated

But after reading the reviews (PANTONE® USA | Shop All Pantone Products), I’m not sure if this would be the best choice? …Although it seems like the gripe wouldn’t really be a downside for my purposes. Would someone here have advice on what set to buy?

We have been buying these books for most of our 58 years in publishing. It came as a shock finding that the colors were in the books not numerically, but by color. This is fine for the designer but very cumbersome for Sales, pre-press, pressmen or anyone trying to find a color by the number. Design is but one of many skills that use these books. Very disappointed!

Thanks in advance!

We use the solid coated at my work for print design

Interesting that they changed their format. I would agree with the review in that I am used to Pantone by the number and if someone specified #7404 in an email, I would have no idea that it is yellow.

But I would have to look at the new format before giving a final review. That said, you can probably buy the solid set in the old format off of ebay.

It’s horrible. I’d wait to buy any books until they change the format back. The only way the book can be used is if YOU are the one specifying the color, not the other way around. As mentioned above, unless you know what color 7404 is, you’ll never find it.