Which one performs better: Vray for Rhino or Vray for Max?


I am a beginner Rhino user and it is time to learn rendering. Although I don’t know how to use Vray and Max , I have both the combination ( Rhino + Vray for Rhino , Max+ Vray for Max)

What should I do? Should I model in Rhino and export it to Max for Vray rendering or should I use Vray for Rhino?

Is there any significant difference between the rendering results and qualities?

I have limited time and wondering if I choose Max + Vray will I have to learn additional things like Mental Ray in Max?

Thank you

vray + rhino.

vray for max has a little more functionality, but you most likely won’t need it if modeling products and rendering hero shots.

I am an industrial design student and I will render only products that used in interior or exterior environments

I will render only products that used in interior or exterior environments

that covers just about everything there my friend

I’d say vray + rhino for ease of use and for what you’re doing.

I’ve been teaching myself maxwell, but it’s not ‘really’ necessary for ID. its like sketching/rendering like a god- it isn’t necessary either, but damn its nice on the eyes and mind if you can.

There is no “significant” difference between the two except that max may have more options. The light behaves the same since its the same program. Personally, I prefer the max version because you can do some pretty accurate mapping in max. This could be difficult in rhino.

I you have limited time, new to 3d modeling and rendering, don’t even bother 3dsmax. You’ll have to get used to the interface of and functionalities of max AND vray in order to get the result you want. So I guess it will be twice the effort

Thank you very much for the recommendations. I’ve started to learn Vray for Rhino and got pretty good results in such a short time :smiley: