Which one is easier rhino or 3dmax?

Hello everyone,

Just need some help bout the 3d software im gonna use… Im just starting to learn 3d modellings so i was thinking which one is better and user friendly when it comes to product design? And what sites have good 3d tutorials? thanks

Rhino for product design. Studio Max is not good for product design as it is not a NURBS modeler.

If you want to design its better for you to learn nurbs modeling, nurbs is perfect that you can nicely combine precise dimensions with free shapes. 3dmax is about polygons, generally polygon modeling isnt so precise as nurbs. With nurbs you can also analyze quality of the surfaces and treir continuity.

hope it helps

product design: Rhino. makes nice curves too.

If you want to go into the package or POP industry 3DS is a good software to learn. If you want to do Product than go for NURBs. I would learn both if I were you.

yeah, learn both… and also consider learning Solidworks as it’ll give you a slight edge in terms of employability.

Remember that different programs have different usages.

IE Rhino is best for Nurbs (and all around work since it will do solids and has some good rendering plugins), Max is a great tool for renderings/visualization, and Solidworks is great if you start needing parametric solids.

I vote that Rhino is one of the easier programs to pick up though.

Georgeous makes a good point- both have their uses, but as far as getting a job goes, nothing seems to be as useful as SolidWorks experience.

Rhino is a good program for creating complex organic forms, but its a little weak on the rendering side- I know a lot of people who make their models in Rhino and then use 3ds max (or cinema 4d) to light it and add materials to make schmick images.

You can use Vray or Maxwell rendering plugins, both are excellent hi-end renderers