which one is better, apple g4 powerbook or new hp not book??

can some body help me with this???

Someone should help put you on the clue train is what. This is where designers talk design…not Consumer Reports helpin you buy a laptop. How about you find your own answers then tell us what you found? Can you help us???

hey, you don’t like it , don’t answer it,by the way, do you use computer at all???,maya, 3d studio, photo shop,!!! where do you down load this stuff, how do you present to other people ?? I am not talking about designers, regular people who dose not have a clue about 3d or imagination or …is it so wrong to know which laptop is working better, do we always have to argue or we can get help here too???

This is the wrong forum for this question.

You buy it from a store.

As for the whole mac vs pc thing, it depends on what you plan on doing. If you want to use solidworks or alias, get the pc. Macs do have virtual pc but it still isn’t fast enough to run a good cad package. I’m a professed mac nut, but I still see the need for a pc because I use solidworks most every day. If you’re just going to use photoshop, illustrator, maya. I’d get the mac. But if you want an actual CAD package, there really isn’t one for mac.

Also, your posts will seem a lot more credible if you use proper English, like using punctuation properly.