Which office chair would you spend your...

…money on?

HM Aeron chair

HM Mirra chair

crappy IKEA chairs?

These things aren’t exactly cheap, so I’d want to try it out before I bought anything.

I’d spend my money on the one I found to be most comfortable to me/suited to my tasks. Have you sat your butt in all of them and liked one more than another?

I’d make a decision after doing that.

Thanks for the reply. Yes I have already tried them. Aeron felt more comfy to me. I guess the whole reason I started this thread was to get some moral support :laughing: Financial support would be better though :laughing:

If you can part with the cash… Aeron.

i sit in and prefer, Mirra. if yo do go Aeron, make sure you get the “Posturefit support”

If you really want to blow some cash, splurge on this…I was the lead designer.


You are not sitting on your own chair? :laughing:

By Aeron “Posture fit support” you mean the new updated Y shaped version? Like this one-

I have a Foray at home. :slight_smile: polished with tan leather.

Yep that’s it. I think it’s an upcharge, form the basic “brick” lumbar support.

Haven’t tested it out yet…but for $20…if my office would allow it. :slight_smile:

My back hurts just looking at that lump of crap :laughing:

i’ve had my aeron for 8 years now. i put it in my office at work for everyday use. still going strong. the mirra doesn’t feel at comfortable to me.

What about this one…nice…$230


If you wear cashmere or any other knit shirt, the Aeron sticks to it. Kind of annoying. Allsteel furniture helps pay my mortgage so I’m kind of partial to them anyway.

I sat in an Aeron for 5 years and I don’t get all the hubbub. I especially don’t understand why anyone would purchase one for as much as they are. I have found LOTS of chairs as, if not more, comfortable for a fraction of the price.

I have been looking for a while now and I must say there are NOT that many decent chairs that compete with Aeron when it comes to comfort and back support. Freedom chair was ok but moves with the back and I hate that. Please provide examples of these superior chairs that are similar or better than the Aeron :laughing:

Looks good for naughty stuff but not for working :laughing:

It is your official duty as an Industrial Designer to own an Aeron chair.
A design classic and worth every penny. The two I own have the additional distinction of coming from a dot-bomb, tags-intact! Classic I tell ya!

I’d rather have an Eames Aluminum Group… though I’ve never sat in one…

Guys my question was performance centric and not looks centric.

YO the Eames Aluminum chair does not look comfy for hours of sketching and 3d work.The arm rest might even hit my table instead of sliding under the table :laughing:

it’s my favorate chair. but the price …
I can not offord it

Yeah, but you can’t “burry one in the cushions” in an aeron… trust me I’ve tried.

I sit in one of these at home:

19.99 IKEA, I’ve spent some consecutive days of 12 hour work periods and it’s totally fine, so I would assume the Eames would be better than that and think of how cool you will look pumping CAD with that backache!