Which non-creative skills should you learn while in school?

Hi, I hope everyone’s doing well!

How far would you stray from your design education if you took courses in Advertising? Or Print Journalism?

I feel that I need to have a balance of skills…I want to be a Motion Graphics designer, but the option is on the table to learn about advertising. I feel that I should know more than just the programs and techniques, I need to apply my skills.

The only problem is that this will prolong my education…I’m looking to get out by spring 2010.

I feel that writing is something I need to work on. What kind of writing though?
My uni has Broadcast & Film writing, Feature Writing for newspapers, Advertising writing, etc.

Also, how should aspiring Motion Graphic designers build up their work experience during school, IF there are no internships available?

Thanks and happy holidays



see the sticky thread “If I Knew Then What I Know (Advice to students)”


Learn how to write. Learn how to speak. Learn how to organize your thoughts into an effective presentation.

One of my biggest pet peeves is dealing with designers who can design the most beautiful things, yet they absolutely suck at communicating with other people. Pretty pictures of pretty designs are usually enough to sell another designer or a marketing person, but what happens when you have to communicate your design to a manufacturing engineer or an accountant? In my experience, accountants (or at least people with accounting backgrounds) hold a lot more sway than a lot of people realize.

Get a decent handle on verbal and written skills, and you’ll do well for yourself.

How to open a bottle of beer with a lighter.


Ahhh…you beat me to it. Good one.

I will go with Lesson 2: How to sketch with a buzz.