which materials to use for selecting materials

Hello all!

We are trying to develop a platform with materials. It should help designers selecting which material to use.

Since we are building this especially for the industrial designers we want to know which variables you find important regarding the materials (e.g. tensile strength, density).

Please give input and make suggestions regarding material variables which you use on a regular basis.

Thanks in advance.

I cant believe nobody has replied to this.

As a studnet i know that when we have been working on new projects and we are picking our materials we look at things like:

Tensile Strength
Compression Strength
Surface Finish
UV capability / also strength effect caused by sunlight
Heat Transfer
Obviously the type of product being used. Eg. you wouldn’t use Mild Steel on a kids toy.


Hi c_cassar,

Thanks a lot for your input, it helps a lot to understand what everybody needs. Hope more will follow.