Which Mac for Alias

Sorry if this as been adressed in the past but I’m looking for a broader view across the Mac range.

I’m currently a design manager at (part of) a large company.
I’m considering going free lancer.
When designing myself (not AD-ing external consultancies) I mostly use Alias 2010 and Hypershot.
I would like to use a Mac system as I believe they’re reliable. And the good looking factor does count for a designer doesn’t it ?
I have no worries about HS, as it it CPU based basically anything will do. Just have to wait some more.

But Alias is very touchy regarding hardware especially graphic cards. “If you don’t pick a workstation from Dell, HP or Lenovo don’t complain” seems to be their motto.
An Autodesk chart shows some MacPros and MacBookPros as ok. But the iMacs, and Macbooks, aren’t tested.

So here goes the question : which Mac (any kind) have you personally and succesfully used to work with Alias ?
Thanks a lot !

I’m sure a Mac Pro with a graphics upgrade (to say, one of the higher end Quadros) has no problem handling Alias. In fact, it does so with vigor. As for the iMac, I wouldn’t go there.
The only problem is of course, the price. And take note, if you’re using 3dconnexion devices, they don’t work on Mac OS.

Thanks Lay.
I’ll take that into account.
You’re saying “I wouldn’t use an iMac” but could you be more specific ?
Because the latest range uses i7 (and i5) chips which were presented, when launched by Intel, as really top of the range in performance ?

The problem is that they come with Radeons, and that can’t be changed.

Damn it you’re so right. I didn’t noticed that. Several iMacs from the previous 2009 range used the nVidia 9400M, that althought "M"obile, does run Alias, I believe.

Another thought : we creative professionals have been crying for ages to have 3D software on the Mac (there a nice exemple from …2000 : Architosh News: MacCAD News: Rep says - Alias/Wavefront Maya coming to OS X?).

And now that with the intel chips porting is way easier and an increasing number of modelers/renderers are ported to the Mac (Alias and Hypershot for exemple) few people seems to be using them.

Any thoughts about that ?