Which light box do you use? (urgent)

Yes! I’ve finally convinced my company to purchase a light box for approving lab dips. No more going outside at noonish and driving our fabric mills crazy with our non-standard methods!

We are considering the 5-light version from Pantone or the Judge II from X-Rite.

Any thoughts on our purchase?

For the record, I polled a few of our fabric mills, as well as some friends at Patagonia and REI. We ended up getting the X-Rite Judge II with D65 / U30.

just asking

what is a light box?? :neutral_face:

It is a box with different light sources for comparing color swatches. Usually they have an outdoor light source, incandescent, fluorescent, and UV. Color will change depending on the color temperature of the light you are using; this allows you to control the color temperature of your viewing light.