Which laptop's performance would be good enough for 3d... !

Hey Guys, I’ve got big confused to get a good laptop for my 3d modeling and rendering works stuff.
I’ve got an i Mac a few days ago and installed a windows 7e fusion on it, but the Rhino didn’t work well at all. One of my friends told me install the windows boot camp, and it will be great. I really don’t know, should I return i Mac back and get another laptop?
If Yes please let me know which brand between, Dell, Sony, HP, Accer with the same performance would good for our job?

The Software that I’m using them; Rhinoceros, Auto cad 2d, Solid Works, 3d Max, V-ray, and Photoshop.


Install bootcamp and you should be fine.

No 3D software will work very well if you run it in emulation because you have the overhead of two sophisticated operating systems competing for hardware resources.

With that said, the graphics card is fairly weak on the iMac, but for the applications you are running it should be fine if you are only handling fairly lightweight CAD geometry. If you start dealing with hundred part assemblies you might run into some issues depending on how much video memory you have.

I’m running Solid Works, Photoshop, and Rhino just fine on my 2 year old Macbook Pro over boot camp. I have had files in photoshop that crashed from being too large, but as a student my macbook pro has been great for 99% of the stuff I’ve used it for. Last I checked there was a free beta version of rhino that runs natively in OSX as well.