Which is the best Dieter Rams book?

Trying to decide between buying “As Little Design As Possible” and “Less and More,” something that can be a quality coffee table book for an industrial designer. Anyone have any insights?

I found “As little design as possible” to have a bit too few… pictures. Don’t get me wrong, it was a great read, but I was expecting more of a timeline catalogue of his products to flip through in need of inspiration. As a casual coffee table book I think it would be quite boring. Looks nice on the shelf though.

Haven’t seen the other one so I can’t compare.

I am reading Less and More and I like it. It is a big book but it is worth the read. I haven’t read the other one.

Dieter Who?

There have been a few others as well; as a “quality coffee table book”, why settle for just one designer? Beside, how many, if any “industrial designers”, would limit themselves to just one discipline? Bass, Jacobsen, Eames, Fuller, Gehry, Wright, Wirkkala (a personal favorite), van der Rohe, Lowey, Le Corbusier… … …

The 30 Most Influential Designers of All Times to name but a few.

I have a few other books, including “Mies,” any specific titles you can think of? Also considering “Naoto Fukasawa.”