which Industrial Design program can address my needs?

Hi, I need help from everyone,

I want to switch major from Architecture to Industrial Design(undergraduate program) because I realized i like it better. I am deciding schools now, the ones in CA or near area are my first choice. As well as public schools because they are more offordable to me. I don’t have any background of ID, SO my top concern would be wheather the school has well organized foundation program that can teacher new students from 0 level. Instead of assuming them to know a certain stuff already. Hope you guys can give me some opinion. The Schools i have heard of are ASU, Art Center, Academy of Art and SF State. I don’t know which one can address my concern the best?

All programs are designed around the student knowing 0. However, you are coming from architecture, so you should be ahead of the curve in terms of understanding form, thinking in 3D and drawing.

Art Center is the best, but really expensive. ASU is a good choice. Somebody else can confirm this, but it seems like students from San Jose State are pretty competent.

Just remember though, even the best school doesn’t guarantee your level when you graduate. The most important ingredient in a good education is your own motivation. If you are willing to put in 8+ hours a day working on your projects, researching, thinking, etc, you are going to graduate far ahead of 95% of the students regardless of the school.