Which i.d. school is the worst hell?

Here’s another survey, which i.d. school is the worst living hell? I’m not talking about being the worst program, but which one gives you the toughest, demoralizing time and makes you feel miserable.

I would say it is not the school that can or can not be the best or the worst.
It should be the each class and the teacher.
School is all kinds of systems put together thus I think there are always
the good and bad.

I had few worst classses which were the requirement from the school.
It was the worst not because of how its program was like, it was because
the teachers who made me gone crazy with their two faced lectures, favorism and hatred against certain group/race/countries,
black and white criticism, and useless personal story time that took the most of the classes. The worst was his personal view of the world and the economic system. I felt so twisted in his/her offensive words, but nobody cared (seem to be) because of the politic of the school.
At the end of the class, many of us felt confused, upset and some even
quit the program with weak selfesteem.

I’d have to agree with above. Specific teachers and classes you have to take can make the biggest difference. Some are really good, others are really crappy, gotta do your research with the upperclassmen to keep your time from being wasted.

Also other factors like what city it’s in, local politics/social scene, weather, etc can make a HUGE difference in how your overall experience is. The city I went to school in, I was CONSTANTLY harrassed by police. Made it very hard to get to class or work on time always sitting in the back of cruiser getting checked for warrants. Had to stop counting after 20 times, hit that number by mid-sophmore year. Then when I showed up to class, people are wondering why I always seemed pissed off or upset. Even got it from the security guards, had the whole force after me once freshman year just because somebody saw me on campus and “didn’t think I belonged”.
In the beginning I made the mistake of actually telling people why and I just got accused of making it up, guess that type of stuff didn’t didn’t exist in their world. So I just started saying that I was sick, or overslept, or not enough sleep pulling an allnighter, or whatever. I got really good at hiding it be being overly friendly, laughing and joking all the time.

That had to have been what made my time the most miserable. Not so much the school (other than the sheltered attitudes) but the city it was in and their attitudes. Weather also, school was on a steep hill with old wavy brick sidewalks. When it snowed, it was an olympic event for freshman to get anywhere without slipping. Especially holding big sheets of foamcore that caught the wind really nice.

Negativity all around.

I know as industrial designers we all like to moan about how hard school is and how many allnighters we have pulled but come-on you know you liked it a little bit. We are massichists hell bent on sacrificing life and limb for the perfect design. Why? because an all nighter at school or the office doing what you love is better than a night scraping dead flies off the frying vat a McDonalds any day.

about toughest school though I would have to say it all depends on you and your classmates. When the whole class is up until 6am and you have urge to peak over and make sure you will still stand out… thats when you know you are pushing yourself… Im not talking about competition though I think the only person that can twist your posterior into the top is you. Kick your own ass all the school can do is make it a more efficient ass kicking.