Which Graphics Accelerator For Rhino & Vray?


I am an id student and want to buy a graphics accelerator for rhino and vray applications. should i buy a fire gl v3600 ( i can only afford this) or is a new genaration nvdia 8800 gt suitable for these softwares?

thank you :smiley:

Rhino is very good on the compatability side of things, and Vray is totally unrelated to the video card. You could easily get by with much less than an 8800GT. If you want a DirectX 10 card I’d say an 8600 GT or even a lesser 7600GT card would be fine if you’re budget concious.

The nice part about being a student is most of your work is just for renderings - which means you can avoid super complex models with insane tolerances, because those are what tend to kill the video card.

Thank you for the recommendation :slight_smile:

I was worried about to buy a graphics card which is mainly devoloped for gaming purposes due to the problems faced in 3d s max applications. For example, It is said that in complex models the menu buttons of the program ( studio max) tend to disappear.

Now, I think such problems does not occour in rhino.

Nvidia drivers tend to be pretty stable in MOST (not all) 3D apps, even for the gaming cards. I used Rhino for my entire college career and never had a Quadro card and never experienced any issues. The couple if issues I did have were in programs like Maya and even then they were for more advanced features that I didn’t use.