Which design schools have grads with real ID knowlege

Looking for an ID school in the Eastern US that teaches real world ID skills; sketching, mass production, mechanical skills, machine skills, welding, injection molding, as well as aesthetics, styling, human factors, engineering, etc. Not looking for a school that only deals with hocus pocus conceptual projects where students say that “Oh, it will work - it uses magnets” If you know what I mean.

I want a school that I can leave and hit the ground running designing products that not only look and feel good, but can actually work.


Do let us know which schools do only “hocus pocus conceptual projects” so we don’t make the mistake of suggesting those.

This is a pretty arrogant attitude to start to your design career.

I have bad news for you that no school on earth will fully prepare you to emerge from school as a seasoned designer and engineer.

The good news is that that is not what is expected of Jr. Design candidates and that you’ll learn more in 3 months as an intern then you will in 12 months as a student.

All of the accredited ID schools can be found on IDSA.org - I suggest you visit the ones you think have a relevant curriculum, because I get the sense your opinion is already warped by some outside influence.