Which degree to go for after Bachelors in engineering: MA/MS

In Industrial Design, a lot of schools offer MA in ID, eg.Central Saint Martins, Domus Acadamy; while others like TU/e , TU Delft, Stanford, Art center offer MS in ID. There are a few others which have specific courses for design viz. MDes eg. DA Eindhoven, IIT(Illinois).

  1. Do the names of degrees represent the approach these colleges take while addressing design teaching(bent towards art/engineering)?

  2. Would it make sense to go for an MA after Bachelors in Engineering(Mech). I am pretty sure recruiters in India would be baffled, if i had to return and look for jobs. How about Design Agencies? Do they care about names of degrees while course contents are largely the same(a guess!!) ?

I’ve always heard that experience goes farther than more education immediately following a Bachelors degree. I’m not sure how this relates to your engineering background though.

its been 3 yrs that i have had the degree…i have the relevant experience…anyway…irrespective of that, would MA/MS make a difference?

In the US, I’ve never seen anyone care about the kind of degree you have. What matters is what you have done and what you can do. Portfolio + experience.

My only comment is that if you do ever find yourself pushing at the border where ID and business intersect, it’s probably better, careerwise, to not have a BFA. Meaning if you submit a resume with BS and a resume with BFA - all other things being equal - something tells me the BS looks better if you start trying to move to a more business oriented career path.

The MFA is the new MBA… so said the cover of Fast Co, and I believe everything I read.

Regardless of title- for I agree that it is about what you bring in skills/experience… I would take into account what kind of people you want to be exposed to and work with while in your program (for I bet each program attracts different people). You will most likely want to learn from them and visa versa. Furthermore, they will be part of your professional network.