Which Degree/Program is Best for Me?

Hey everyone,

I wanted to create this topic (in hopes it isn’t already made) to pick everyone’s brains about going to design school and selecting the right program/degree/certificate/etc. I’ve read some previous discussion threads about things relating to my questions, but haven’t quite gotten to where I want “informationally” to feel comfortable in making any choices.

-I’m a recent graduate (B.A. Communication Studies - UCLA) this past summer.
-Currently working full-time but now wish to pursue dream of designing.
-Wish to get into Fashion Design/Footwear Design (main interest in Athletic apparel/footwear, but also interested in fashion in general…)
-Looking into different programs across the nation

My questions are in regard to - is it recommended to have a Bachelors degree vs. Associates degree? I was looking into FIT and Parsons and liked both…

Parsons has an Associates degree in Fashion Design that I am very interested in, as it would take less time to complete than the Bachelors, and states that Associates are sort of geared towards adults already finished with school and looking to professionalize in a different field. Thoughts on this one?

FIT has a Certificate for Performance Athletic Footwear and also an Accessory Design program that would directly relate to my interest in athletic footwear. FIT is much cheaper too since it is a SUNY.

Sorry to ramble…basically I’d like to know anyone who has knowledge relating to my questions to help out in any way - I don’t plan on applying to school until a couple of months to a year as I want to continue to practice and practice. However, I do like setting goals and timelines for myself and wish to know where it is I am looking to attend, so as to have an idea and kind of see what I need to be accepted among other things. Thanks :sunglasses: