Which computer is best for designing???

I am entering my second year in college as an “Industrial” design major, i am working all summer so i can buy myself a brand new computer. I want to know, from some of you professionals or students, which is the best brand and/ or which amenities i should choose. My budget goes up to 2,500, maybe 3 Gs. Buuut if there are computers that do their job for less money, i will consider them also. Thanks -Ang

I use this:

Intel P4 2000-2400 Fullcash 512
Board: Asus!
Ram DD512Mb
Vga OnBoard 128Mb
Mon: Sony

Chip: outdated Intel P3 850
Board: outdated from 1997
Ram: SDRAM 512Mb
Vga OnBoard 32Mb
Mon: ViewSonic

could build this for a couple hundred. runs Maya 5 and Pro/E Wildfire without a hitch under Win2K. dont buy what you dont need. study up and save money.

oh! They Are Boaring!
What about a 1024*768 PhotoRealistic Render in 3DSMax! 2 hours?

rendering images now.

pro/e geometry imported to Maya 4. duplicated geometry in Maya to show back view at same time. three spot lights with penunbras etc. added extra OLED screen on product shown with graphic that glows - different import. also rendered with some additional Maya geometry (simple internal components used in exploded view). done with Maya’s built in raytracer (older now). settings at “Production”. rendered at 1280 x 1024.

30 seconds.

Save some money and don’t buy the best thing on the market.

First, I’de buy a notebook and not a tower, unless you only plan on using it at home. Personally, I’ll never buy another tower. I need to be able travel with it.

All these are notebook options.

HP with 3.2 Gig processor with 1Gig of RAM and a Pentium 4 should run about $2800.

Toshiba with 2.8 Gig, 1Gig of Ram, P4 chip. I think they run about $1400 with WiFi on CDW.com (great deal)

I personally like Dell with 2 Gig with a Pentium M chip.

Sony’s are also good, but you’ll pay much more for the same thing in a Dell.

Make sure you get a good video card for rendering. Nvidia cards are good.
I’de stay away from ATI cards, even if they are 128 Mg.

Bottom line: Toshiba’s are good for the money. You’re young and in/out of school, don’t spend too much on a machine that will be obsolete in 6 months.