Which color is your favorite?

i like pink what about you guys…



<Yep, that just happened>

Gray and blue color is my favorite.

My question is why is your preference for color germane to this community?


Green Symbol of Peace
i Like Peace , like Green Colors , Green Wolrd, Green Trees Nature LoveR


Plum, all the way.

Edit: But you can overdo it too easily

There are numbers of color we have. But, among of them white is my favorite color. There are numbers of reason behind that. The first and formost reason is that, this is the color suites everywhere. It is a symbol of simplicity and cleanliness. It shows the power and positive attitudes.

I am liking Paloma grey and Blanc de Blanc more and more, as well as sulphur green.



I like white color…

Black is my favorite color. :slight_smile:

Black & White color like it,
But My Lucky color green

Who’s in for black?

Red here!

Let’s be a little more specific. Anyone who has ever seen a few Ferraris knows that there is an enormous variation in red.
I never design in red and probably never will unless it is an assignment for colored pencils or Ironman.

I like a very specific shade of red, Mars Red, PMS 18-1655 which is close to the original bakelite red and works great with greys/silver. You can see it a lot in graphic novels.

Of course, purple because It is Combining wisdom and power with sensitivity and humility. :slight_smile: