Which City/States has the worst drivers?

I think Michigan has the worst drivers:

Two accident so far:
1: 16 year old drunk drivers making left turn with no light on ( yeah…I mean no head light on at night ) crash into me.
2: SUV driver cut me off without checking blind spot ( no turn signal).

My vote is for Dallas.

The city is consistently in the top ten cities for percentage of DUI’s…even with MADD’s headquarters there.

Boston…no one seams to know what the colored lights hanging in the intersections mean. But then In ST Louis no one knows how to drive when it rains. Sorry just my World Series Rant…

I second Boston. They also don’t use directionals (called blinkers there) If you do use your blinkers the drivers will speed up so you can’t get in front of them.

Granted all New Englanders are bad. I had posted these names one before:

Rhode Idiots

Florida…the worst drivers from everywhere come here…

They’ve aged considerably since being where the used to live now that they’re retired, their eyesight is shot, and their reflexes are nonexistent…

And I’m sure the bright sun (causing glare) in Florida also blinds the older drivers.

Rhode Island and Boston, definitely.

The people I find to be the worst so far by demographic rather then a whole state are the rural outlying areas like Michigan, Wisconsin, etc. in the Midwest. I’m less anxious driving in Chicago or Detroit because you KNOW there’s a 90% chance the guy in front of you will a) make a “Chicago Left” (squeeze through 3 lanes of traffic diagonally and then pull right into the opposite lane without knowing what’s coming) b) cut you off without using a turn signal or c) not let you in his lane.

In small rural towns like the one I came from, people DON’T anticipate you driving offensively (as my friend from Detroit has said: "the best defense is offense), pulling into traffic expecting other motorists to yield, or nosing in to change lanes. I came within 3 feet of hitting some dumb bitch’s car because she assumed that I was turning RIGHT instead of going STRAIGHT when I had no turn signal on. Instead of picking up speed she STOPPED as well!!! I was forced to nail the brakes instead of hitting traffic turning Right, so I came to a stop and sat there flipping her off until she was out of view. I was just irrate.

In Brazil you get run over if you panic and try to run across the street while you are crossing on foot. If you just walk blindly in to traffic like nothing is happening, then everyone stops. More people should think this way.

atlanta is crazy…as native of 15+yrs…you kinda get accustomed to it though

the RDU area in north carolina is goofy too…while atlanta has aggressive drivers…RDU has inattentive drivers

it’s a toss up as to which one is worse

New f’ing Jersey

Tennessee……’cause they don’t need to carry liability insurance, and I think they shouldn’t be driving in states that require people to have liability insurance.

I am agree with you

My vote goe for Arizona as having the worst drivers.
Red lights dont mean S**T! Hit and runs are a normal thing.
Too many undocumented Mexicans w/o auto insurance.
Insurance is twice as high as Illinois. I grew up in Chicago and I thought we were bad in Chi-town. I was wrong.

I second Arizona, but for different reasons.
Everything here is spread out, so you have to go pretty far on a regular basis. We have wide roads, and huge highways so its possible to go really fast. People here drive like its the indi500 all the time, traffic lights are just suggestions, as are lines on the road. Plus we’re the Hummer capital, so you have a buncha people who can’t drive anyways, barreling around in tanks. Yesterday I saw a dude in a hummer do 60+ across the tracks to beat the RR crossing gates
California is pretty bad too (LA. SFbay) but at least everyone there drives in a compatible sort of insanity, so it works.
Just my 2cents

There is a difference between bad drivers and dumb drivers.

Anyway, try to take a cab ride in Taipei. No Nurburgring ring taxi can give you the same excitement.

melbourne… the drivers use the horns like its delhi…

or perhaps they are all beeping at me cause i’m such a bad driver…???

I’m convinced Michigan is the only state in which people REALLY know how to drive. We know what we’re doing, GET OUT OF THE WAY.

BOSTON drivers are “RETAAADED”. Learn what a lane is people. Those yellow and white lines are painted on the street for a reason. The “Big Dig” is no excuse, put the cell phones (they don’t work underground anyway) away and concentrate ON THE ROAD.

Bostonians drove that way long before the big dig and cell phones. They are concentrating on the road. They are just dare devils. They like to play the game ‘Chicken’ a lot.

maryland sucks - everyone likes drafting - when it starts to rain, i mean one drop on the windshield, people slam on their brakes…you’ll see a grip of people pulled over on the side of the road because of rear end collisions.

though i heard boston is bad too - Massholes they call em.

I live in RDU, but I think Atlanta and Boston are tied for second but for different reasons:
Boston: small roads with no paint for the lanes, no turn signals, very aggressive at slow speeds.
Atlanta: Nothing more unnerving than being bumper to bumper at 90mph.

The top city for bad traffic has to by Bangkok. You don’t get hurt though, because you don’t move at all.