Which city should I move to find a design job?

Now I am living in a very small college town. I plan to move to a big city after graduation. Is it a good plan? Where should I go so I can work as intern, freelance or whatever related to design?

Kansas City is your best bet

anything going on Kansas city?

what reason?


It totally depends on what kind of design you’re interested in.

Corporate or Consultancy?

Consumer, Juvenile, Medical, Electronic, Automotive etc. all have different hotspots.

I think the more sensible thing to do is find the job first then move to the city.

this can be difficult to do for a first job, its often difficult to know whats going on or network in any way if you dont live in the city you are looking for a job in.
That of course changes if you are passively looking while still employed elsewhere.

i had this problem when i graduated (also from KU!) and was looking for a job in chicago. things became much easier once i came up here, esp if you want to take advantage of headhunters and talent frims.

Probably the best advice so far, look for jobs in places that interest you, land one, and then move there. Moving to a place you want to be and then looking for work really only changes your enviroment, and you’ll spend alot of money doing it, so it’s a bigger risk.

I narrowed my search in the city I lived for a long time and came to the conclusion that I didn’t like the industry there, so I started looking outward at things that interested me more. The key to this is to be very flexible in traveling for interviews and to be able to do it within a week’s notice, it’s still alot cheaper than moving expenses.

with my experience, graduating from school in Atlanta. I moved to Chicago with no job a week after graduation and landed a job that I’m very happy with three months later. It can happen, so go for it.

Why in the hell did someone recommend KC. There is absolutely nothing going on there.

Infusion is in the middle of nowhere in Kansas and Kemnitzer (now Kem Studio) is run by Jonathan since Ron ran away to be the president of IDSA.
All of the other places I know of do retail fixture design / POP and they are struggling to make ends meet.

Corporate opportunities are weak as well: Hallmark, Sprint, Garmin…not much else.


Strategix ID…enough said.

Good to see so many KU grads and Kansas City residents involved in the converations. Kansas City is by no means a design hotbed. Currently living in the Kansas City area, I feel very fortunate to have a design job. There simply are not that many design firms in this area. Infusion, D3, Marche and Kem Studio are the only opportunities, but each of those offices are relatively small.

New York, Chicago, and LA are obviously the largest hotbeds of design employment, but it is a cut throat market trying to find a job that will pay enough to support the cost of living. I was really surprised to find how many reputable design firms are located in cities like Cinncinnati, Cleveland, Philadelpia, Baltimore.

I think that there are going to be opportunites in any location. It is more a matter of finding the right location for you, one that suits your interests, family, climate. If your portfolio is good enough, you will find work.

Good Bye JR, I feel sorry for the University of New Mexico.

Strategix’s office in Lawrence is a joke. It is one guy that barely even works for them. He does part time project management and engineering. Don’t let that fool you. Their main office is in Montana.


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what about Strategix ID??? Aren’t they in Montana?

While your still in school do some research now:

What product areas are you interested in?
If your school has an IDSA chapter, get ahold of a copy of the latest IDSA directory.

Also get the latest I.D. magazine Sourcebook.

Start combing through Core’s firm listings.

Make a note of cities recommended so far on this forum. Group firms by location and product area of your interest. A choice may rise to the top.

Aim high. Don’t move to Kansas City.