Which city has the best Design Week?

Last year, some of my ID friends and I went to New York for ICFF. It was amazing, and we’d like to do it again, but we’re thinking of trying a different design week. I haven’t been able to find any information on the different sort of atmospheres of each… Has anyone been to a few and could possibly make some recommendations? Tokyo, London, Helsinki? Which one has the best parties? The best exhibition floor? That kind of thing… Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

ooo thats a hard one. _You need your connections in each city to enjoy to the max. The parties are just as ‘important’ as seeing the designs

I have never been to ICFF but will go this yr

Milan is obviously the biggest and best, takes days to tour; the parties are great if you can get invites to Swarovski and Established. Then its all network central at Bar Basso til 7 am. Hotels need to be booked 6 months in advance…500,000 people attend Salone

London is growing but not quite there.

Stockholm is giong to be good this yr for sure…Swedish design is so hot

Miami has some crazy crowds and Iggy Pop played on the beach this yr

Tokyo is good for quirky design great parties and …shagging.

I’ve been to Milan and London, and I preferred London-- partly because I don’t speak italian-- but also because London’s design week is all about ideas. Milan was much more industry-- the stuff that actually gets made-- after awhile, that’s just not that inspiring. Yawn, yet another beautifully proportioned couch, with not much else to it. That said, the Salone Satellite show of all the up-and-comers is off-the-chain. I feel like London is one big Satellite show, the RCA influence really pushes the envelope. Unfortunately, ICFF is small stakes compared to Milan and London, but it’s the best we have here in the states.

Thanks so much - this is exactly the kind of information i’ve been looking for!